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Land owners and tenders, Darrin Reay & Tara L. Skubella, bought a small 8 acre farm September of 2021.  Everything was universally orchestrated and aligned to match them with this beautiful piece of land.  Even though the earth lay dormant for about 10-15 years, Darrin and Tara have been listening to what the land calls for and how to restore an abundance of life.

Currently the farm is home to 22 chickens, 2 bee hives, 2 boarder heeler dogs, 2 outdoor cats, 2 humans and many other winged ones, slithering ones and 4 footed ones.  

Raven Wild Farm got it's name from the near 2 month resident of a juvenile raven the summer of 2022.  Raven found the farm to heal and befriended the dogs, cats and humans.  Everyone who met Raven felt the positive omen and good energy Raven brought to the land.  To this day, Darrin and Tara miss the daily evening walks around the property with Raven.  Raven's energy will stay on the farm forever and has welcomed many other raven's passing and flying overhead. 

Raven Wild Farm is intended to be a healing space and farmacy.   Each item planted on the land has 3 intentions to support a well balanced and symbiotic environment.  The medicinal healing herbs support wellness, healing, ritual and health.  The food grown supports humans, bees, dogs and chickens.   Each year, with soil restoration, the farm will expand new stages of growing food, medicinal plants and wellness offerings.  Earth Tantra, Tara's heal with nature and transform with tantra, business offers private and group retreats and ceremonies on the land. 



To support others in their healing and wellness journey through farmacy and nature.

Coming Soon

Bee therapy meditation hut and experience.

Image by Bianca Ackermann
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