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Meet Our Free Range Animals

Each animal brings balance on our farm.  We all work together.

Since the beginning, Raven Wild Farm has made it clear the land here is intended for respite and a sanctuary for healing.  Raven Wild Farm has been a safe place for family, friends and many animals to heal and bee well.  

 only does the land support 2 humans, 2 border heeler dogs and 2 friendly ou


Currently Raven Wild Farm is home to 2 outdoor barn cats, 20 chickens (two of which are are rescues - Pearl and Raven the Rooster), 2 heeler dogs and 2 humans.   


 We've also been a safe refuge for a hurt raven in 2022.   She stayed with us as she healed and grew well enough to fly away to join other ravens.  This is how Raven Wild found it's name!  The farm is also home to many other birds and creatures.  

Of course Raven Wild Farm is home to 100,000's of bees for the BEE-Zen Huts.  There energy and magic truly support the eco-system and life force of the farm.  Our farm isn't open to the public, however you can meet some of the animals below in person if you make an appointment to sit in BEE-Zen or attend one of Earth Tantra's Retreats.

Sometimes we also foster abandoned dogs in our area through Roist-Herst Human Society. 

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